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What is an Ale?
Ales are usually top fermented and are fermented at a higher temperature than lagers.
-Pale Ale
-Dark Ale
-Wheat Beer
-Belgian Ale
-Barley Wine
-Old Ale
What makes a Lager?
Lagers are bottom fermented at nearly 20 degrees cooler than ales.
The Lager Family
-Pale Lager
-Vienna Lager
-Dunkel Lager
Lambics are a rare Belgian style beer in which the beer is exposed to wild yeast for fermentation.

Tap Beer Selection

Flying Dog
Bloodline is brewed with blood orange peel and blood orange juice and hits the perfect balance between citrus sweetness and bitterness.
Frederick, MD

An IPA with a cascade of hops made with American hops and Scottish malts.
Brooklyn Center, MN

-German Pils

Amana, IA

Sociable Cider Werks
This dry graff is a fermented blend of the Midwests best apples with just a touch of lightly hopped cane sorghum to add body and structure. It is light, crisp and the apple notes are subtle and enjoyable.
Minneapolis, MN

-Troll Way Citrus IPA
Bitter and balanced. A West Coast style IPA. Brilliant bouquet of grapefruit and tropical fruit on the nose, with hints of peach and lemon zest.
Minneapolis, MN

-Fresh Hop
Brewed with wet Mosaic hops from Yakima, Wa., the epicenter of hop growing in the United States. Mosaic, a relatively new variety of hop, gives this limited beer an intense aroma of blueberries and tropical fruit.
Minneapolis, MN

LTD Brewing
-Emily Dream 22 Watermelon Sour


-Chasin Freshies
Enjoy the bright, bold aroma and flavor that comes but once a year from this Amarillo fresh hop IPA.
Bend , OR

Bent Paddle

Four Daughters
-Loon Juice
Loon Juice is made with locally grown honeycrisp apples with the idea to keep it as true to the apple as possible.
Spring Valley, MN

-Chocolate Orange Stout

-Miller Lite
A Light American Lager .
Milwaukee, WI

-All Day IPA
Keeps your taste satisfied while keeping your senses sharp. An all day IPA naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains and hops.
Grand Rapids, MI

-1848 Alt

Minneapolis, MN

-Classic Wit

Brooklyn Brewery
-Black Chocolate Stout
Pours dark black with some sweet and bitter chocolate notes, as well as coffee and roasted malts.
Brooklyn, NY

Rush River
-Wet Hop Minion IPA
We recommend rubbing your hands, narrowing your eyes and cackling madly when enjoying Rush Rivers new IPA. Muahaha!
River Falls, WI

Wonderstuff delivers the clean, balanced flavors you would expect from a Bohemian Style Pilsner, but with a powerful, citrus hop twist.
Minneapolis, MN

-Crop Circus


Fair State
-Its Gold Jerry

-Best Brown Ale
With hints of caramel and cocoa, the malt body has the depth to stand up to cool weather, but does not come across as heavy.
Kalamazoo, MI

An unfiltered lager with a Pils malt sweetness and not much complexity, but a nice overall taste.
Brooklyn Center, MN

Designed to be a drinkable delicacy. Brewed with caramel malts, lightly sweetened with milk sugar, and then spiked with sea salt.
Minneapolis, MN

Barley Johns
-Little Barley Session

Grain Belt
American lager with sweet grain/malt aroma.
New Ulm, MN

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